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Dec, 26, 2017

The phenomenon of cartoon production is in the ability to animate literally any objects or even services. Any product can speak, any service can be personalized and act as the main character. The thoughtful use of the multiplication phenomenon can greatly help in creating outstanding advertising work. Brands use animation to quickly and humorously talk about the company’s values, services or products.

Main Reasons to Include Cartoons to Your Marketing Strategy

  • This is a simple and engaging content format. Animation helps to present information in a game form, avoiding the use of bulky text or statistics.
  • Information submitted in the format of animation, regardless of the complexity, in most cases will be understandable and accessible to almost any category of the viewer. Therefore, it is almost impossible to miss with the target audience.
  • Сartoon marketing videos have entertainment value and are usually quite short. This allows such content to easily receive a large number of reposts – making cartoon videos an excellent tool for marketing in social networks.
  • An important reason to use animation in marketing is high conversion. Compared with the text, the level of video and animation conversion is much higher. Thus, the level of clicks on a link in video and animation is 41% higher than the number of clicks on links placed in the text.

How to Use Cartoon Videos for Business

Cartoons are universal tools that can fit any marketing campaign, promote any product or service. So, you will be able to post your cartoon on your:

  • website;
  • landing page;
  • Youtube channel;
  • social network profiles;
  • add to emails;
  • show your customers, partners or employees in real-time mode.

Milestones of Cartoons Production

The process of cartoon video production is quite complicated and consist of:

  1. Concept. At this stage, the overall concept, the idea of the cartoon is being developed. Often the customer who are looking for cartoon animation companies already has some idea what he wants to see in the cartoon.
  2. Script. The scenario is the exact narration that is written based on the main idea of the cartoon.
  3. Storyboard is rough sketches that showcase the future storyline. Illustrations are the final pictures created according to the storyboard

  1. Animatic. This is an animated storyboard. These are no longer static pictures, but also not a cartoon, this is something between them.
  2. Voice over and music. At this stage, the voice of the characters and the sounds of the environment are added, that is, the cartoon comes to life externally and begins to sound.

Let’s Create a Cartoon for Your Business Together

If you are looking through the list of cartoon production companies, here is the place to stop your search. We are able to realize any idea in cartoon videos for business creation, make our price fit your budget and come up with great result.

Share your ideas with us just now to get our free consultation and start working on your project already today!


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