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Dec, 25, 2017

What Is a Corporate Video?

Today telling stories and humanization of companies are trendy. There are a lot of tools to choose from social media to stream videos from your office. A corporate video is an effective marketing tool to tell your customers about your mission, culture, and people who are the core of all these. Blue Carrot is a corporate video production company and is able to tell your brand story in the most persuasive way.

What Is a Corporate Video Used for

A company story video is one more way to personalize yourself on the competitive market. Great company videos help the customers to find out more about the goals and values of a particular business and build strong connections as a result.
There are the main goals you can achieve by creating corporate video clips.

  • You will get a chance to humanize your company and tell your customers that you are real people with real wishes and needs.
  • It will be also reasonable to create the best company introduction video if you have entered the market recently in order to share your mission and get a response from the audience.
  • Corporate videos can be used in the recruitment process as well. This is the quick and accessible way to tell candidates about their mission and goals, inspire them to become part of a great team. In large companies, we can use corporate videos for internal staff training.

What Should a Corporate Video Include

There is no strict list of elements the great company videos should include. Everything will depend on your brand, your corporate style and the way you want to communicate with your customers. However, there are some features that can be successfully realized in any company videos.

  • Your corporate video should be short. And our common purpose will be to find an optimal length and write the most effective script to make every second of the clip meaningful.
  • It may include humor as well. There are two reasons to make your corporate video humorous – your viewers will really enjoy it and they will not get an impression that your only goal is selling and money-making.
  • A corporate video should touch the pain points. After all, your company was created to focus on them and offer a solution. So, explain to your customers how will you cope with their problems.
  • You customers should view it to the end. Ans this is one of the reasons to get in touch with a corporate video production company in order to combine animation and script in such a way that the video will be watched to the end and your CTA will be heard.
  • The great company videos are multiple-voiced. This enlivens the video and improves its perception.
  • It should tell the truth. This is the only way to gain the trust of your customers in any business, so use this opportunity to tell one more time that you are honest with your clients and employees.

Milestones of Making a Perfect Corporate Video

The process of the custom corporate video creation, as a rule,  consists of the next stages:

  1. Concept. Here we need to come up with the main idea of the whole video.
  2. Script. It should briefly tell the most important things about your company and perfectly fit the animation.
  3. Storyboard. These are draft sketches that will showcase the future storyline.
  4. Illustrations. They need to be created in conformity with your corporate style.
  5. Voice over. This will be the tone of your brand so it needs to be chosen carefully.
  6. Animation. This is the most important stage since now the sketches will be enlivened.
  7. Music. This is one more way to appeal to the emotions of your viewers.

How Much Does Corporate Video Cost

This question can be answered individually in every specific case. A lot of factors like the style of your corporate video, its length, number of characters that should be created and some more things. Practice shows that the average cost can vary from $3,000-$12,000 depending on the complexity of the video.

Why Choose Blue Carrot

Our main goal is to help you to get in touch with your clients with the help of the qualitative video content. We are always glad to create a corporate video for your business in order to make your company even more respected by your audience.

Do not hesitate to ask us about consultation. It is always free so let’s find out more about each other!

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