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Kickstarter Videos

Dec, 26, 2017

Kickstarter Video Production as the Way to Attract Investments to Your Project

Now a mainstream fundraising model, crowdfunding helps startupers and established businesses bring their amazing ideas to life, but without the support of investors, even the most outstanding ideas will not be realized. In order to influence the decisions of people who will help make your ideas a reality, you need to present your idea excitingly, but easily at the same time. Our Kickstarter video production company is able to do it.

Kickstarter Video Main Characteristics

It should reveal your personality and tell your story. People invest into people first of all so make you investors sure that you have a true story and you are a person worthy of working with.

It should be catching. If you manage to describe the main idea with one convincing sentence, you will capture the attention of your audience. According to the study, the general sense for the human brain is more important than small details. If the listener does not understand the key idea of the presentation, it is extremely difficult for him to assimilate the information.

It should reflect the essence. Business leaders around the world always answer similar questions:

  • What is your presentation about?
  • Why do we need your startup or product?
  • What is your idea?

These are the questions you should answer as well in your Kickstarter video.

It should be legal. It is quite necessary to follow the right of copyright in Kickstarter video production so it will be reasonable to get a professional consultation before launching the development process.

Video need to motivate. Think over your CTA very carefully since these would be the words that finally convince investors to either work with you or never get in touch again, and determine the final result of crowdfunding video production.

It should keep the right length. The optimal decision in Kickstarter video production is to keep this video within the limit of 5 minutes, and no more. The first 10 seconds will be decisive since the viewer will decide on whether to watch it to the end or close within this time frame.

Ways to Use a Kickstarter Video Effectively

The answer is almost obvious  – you should place it on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms, show it to investors while pitching your idea,  but this is not the only opportunity. You can also post it on

  • YouTube;
  • Your landing page;
  • Social networks profile;
  • Your blog.

How We Create a Kickstarter Video

The process of making a crowdfunding video is similar to the video of other types of creation.

  1. Concept.
  2. Script.
  3. Storyboard.
  4. Illustrations.
  5. Voice over.
  6. Animation.
  7. Music.

The Way Blue Carrot May Help and the Cost of the Matter

We understand that if you are looking for investments for your [project, your advertising budget is limited. That is why the Kickstarter video production cost is discussed privately in every specific case with the primary goal to make the price fit into your limits.

So if you have a great idea to be realized, let’s start promoting it on Kickstarter with the help of our crowdfunding video service. Get started today!


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