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Whiteboard Videos

Jan, 10, 2018

What Is Whiteboard Video and How to Get Benefit from it

Whiteboard animation video if created properly can be one of the best ways to present your project, service or business. They tell potential customers about your product in a clear, simple way with an interesting story and unusual graphics. The more clearly you explain the essence of your business and the benefits to the user, the more chances to get a new client. Whiteboard explanations are very often used by startups to explain what their service is and how their product works. This style allows you talking about complex things in simple words as if you were explaining the principle of the jet engine on a napkin.

Types of Whiteboard Video and When to Use Them


  • The specific product whiteboard video. If there is a need to present the work of a product or service, whiteboard animation is capable of it.
  • The explanatory whiteboard video. Whiteboard drawing animation is easy to comprehend tool to explain complex things in simple terms.
  • Whiteboard animation promo. It is also possible to create a promo video in a whiteboard form to tell your partners and customers the most important things you want to convey to them.
  • The campaign update whiteboard video. If you need to introduce some innovations in the work of your company, you can do it in the form of whiteboard animation and be sure that your viewers understand their essence.
  • The greeting whiteboard. It is also possible to express your greeting to your customers or partners and remind them of your common story of cooperation success in a form a whiteboard video.
  • Whiteboard animation article summary. It makes sense to use whiteboards as educational tools, for example, convert a scientific article in a video.
  • Internal training video. If you are looking for a way to teach your employees or explain the new business process to them in a comprehensible and fun way, a professional whiteboard video will solve this task.
  • Sales letter in a form a whiteboard. The professional whiteboard animation video is also capable of increasing sales. It should clearly explain all the benefits you can offer and contain a motivating СTA.
  • Whiteboard presentations. It is easy and efficient to put the main ideas of the presentation materials in a video form.
  • Whiteboard animation TED talks. It is also possible to present long TED talks in a whiteboard hand drawing animation and follow the reasoning of a speaker.


Places to Post Your Whiteboard Video


  • Post it on your website. If there is a need to answer the questions of your users, get it done with the help of whiteboard posted on the homepage.
  • Upload video to YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel, a whiteboard animation should be obligatorily placed here.
  • Use it on your social media profiles. Videos are one of the best tools to increase the engagement of your subscribers.
  • Add it to your educational materials. Do it when you need to teсо your employees or tell your customers more about how to use your product or service.
  • Send it to your partners or customers. This is the option for sales letters presented in a video form.


Milestones of Making Perfect Whiteboard Video


  1. Concept. The first step is to decide on the type of custom whiteboard videos and develop the main idea you want to convey in it.
  2. Script. Script writing is one of the most important stages, you should find the right words to make your video really explaining or to touch the pain point of your audience.
  3. Storyboard. On this stage, we will create sketches that will make your whiteboard animation video.
  4. Illustrations. We will create a series of finishing illustrations that will form a video.
  5. Voice over. It is necessary to choose a voice that will suit the idea of your video.
  6. Animation. On this stage, our illustrations will be enlivened.
  7. Music. This is the last thing we need to do to make the work done.

If You Are Looking for Whiteboard Animation Company

If you want to make your own whiteboard video, you are welcome to ask us for help. As for the price, whiteboards are the most cost-saving opportunities but their usefulness and functionality are still great.

Get started already now in order to create a custom whiteboard animation video and achieve the goals of your company with it!

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